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How to fit your energy costs into a long-term budget

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 17/01/19 10:17

 When we talk to our customers, one of their most common concerns is how to fit energy costs into their overall budget and plan for the long term.

Planning energy costs can be a challenge. Demands on energy are unpredictable and can be affected by several variables. One factor is weather conditions – the unexpected cold snap from the ‘beast from the east’ in February 2018 saw demand rise, for instance. Equally, the busier your organisation is, the more energy you’re likely to use: more employees in the office means more computers on, as well as more regular use of printers, photocopiers, kettles and a host of other appliances. More energy intensive organisations might also vary their energy usage depending on product demand. 
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What are your energy resolutions for 2019?

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 03/01/19 10:15

It’s that time of the year when many of us will be setting out our objectives for the year ahead. When it comes to energy, that should be no different.

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Goodbye January Blues. Hello SSE Green!

Posted by Emily Fincham on 15/01/18 09:31

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Energy intensive industries to be exempt from the cost of the Renewables Obligation

Posted by Alice Gunn on 12/01/18 14:32

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Business Energy solutions for sustainable overhead cost management

Posted by Rob Silvester on 09/01/18 11:16

Introducing you to SSE Protect and budget certainty for business customers.

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