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What are your energy resolutions for 2019?

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 03/01/19 10:15

It’s that time of the year when many of us will be setting out our objectives for the year ahead. When it comes to energy, that should be no different.

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Marking a decarbonisation milestone

Posted by Martin Pibworth on 17/08/18 12:16

The energy system that drives the UK economy is changing fast. The early steps towards decarbonisation that the energy sector took a decade ago in response the Climate Change Act have become confident strides and real progress can be seen in the recent confirmation that low-carbon generation outstripped all other sources of power for the first time in 2017.

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SSE’s decade of clean growth

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 23/07/18 15:54

Following last week's announcement that Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited exported power for the first time, lead developer SSE has launched its ‘A decade of clean growth: SSE’s contribution to the onshore wind revolution’ report. The report documents the tremendous expansion of SSE’s onshore wind portfolio over the past decade and the £3.9bn of value added to the UK and Irish economies thanks to this growth.

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First power for Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 20/07/18 12:05

Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm has started generating power for the first time this week. Following the successful installation of the first 7MW turbine, Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited has exported power to the National Grid for the first time. The installation of the first turbine heralds the start of the final stage of Beatrice’s journey towards completion in Spring 2019.

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Putting drivers at the wheel of electric vehicle infrastructure

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 12/07/18 09:25

SSE and Source London are helping empower Londoners to choose the best locations for electric vehicle charging points across the city.

A new online tool,, has been launched which allows residents to map where they want the charging infrastructure which will in turn help city planners and suppliers chart demand and make the choices a reality.

SSE Enterprise is working with Source London, London’s largest charging network, to install the vital infrastructure which will enable more people to make the switch to cleaner transport. It’s already installed 728 charging points with 1,000 expected to be available to electric vehicle drivers across the city by the end of 2018.

Additionally, SSE Business Energy provides all of Source London’s charging points with green energy, meaning users can be assured they’re using 100% clean, renewable energy to power their vehicles.

Stuart Chaston, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Contracting, said: “As more and more people make the switch to cleaner, greener cars this tool helps put them in charge of where they need the charging points to be and we’d encourage all electric vehicle owners in the city to go online and choose the best vehicle charging location for them.

“SSE is proud to be working with Source London to deliver the low carbon infrastructure needed for the Capital for decades to come and providing the green, 100% renewable energy to power Londoners’ vehicles sustainably.”

Christophe Arnaud, Managing Director of Source London, said: “We are proud to launch Powermystreet, a tool which will help spearhead London’s transformation into the true electric vehicle capital. Without the infrastructure to support them, electric vehicles cannot flourish.

“Chris Grayling’s announcement on Monday to help increase uptake of low emission vehicles is a welcome step in the right direction but falls short of what London truly needs: a dense, user-friendly, sustainable and homogeneous charging infrastructure. Collaborative efforts are paramount to the success of this essential behavioural shift and Powermystreet is the best way to engage with residents all over London and understand their needs.”

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Arriva to power UK bus and rail sites with SSE Green

Posted by Emily Fincham on 24/05/18 11:15

Arriva, one of Europe’s leading passenger transport providers, announced today that almost all its UK bus and rail sites will be powered by 100% renewable electricity* after entering a three-year electricity supply contract with SSE Business Energy in the UHArriva PRK.

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