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SSE Green – Independent 3rd Party Verification and Assurance from Carbon Clear

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 05/12/17 13:39

Author: Gary Stalker, SSE Business Energy National Account Manager

Why choose to use renewable electricity and what does it really mean?

There’s growing concern about the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment, and carbon reduction is a serious concern for all businesses. Attitudes have changed, organisations are evolving their sustainability strategies, and energy is a critical component. 

Across the UK and Ireland, we’ve seen a big uptake in the demand for renewably sourced electricity. Many large corporations have been signing up to ‘RE100’; a public commitment to secure 100% renewable electricity with further initiatives to support supply chains.

Businesses are looking to demonstrate their sustainability credentials to their customers, stakeholders, investors, and employees; proving that their choice of energy supplier makes a difference.

A change to Scope 2 reporting for the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard in 2015 now requires businesses to provide evidence of reducing carbon emissions through their use of renewable electricity, so that they meet certain ‘Quality Criteria’. Businesses need to have peace of mind that the claims are being met, there is no risk of exposure to double counting, and claims are based on credible renewable electricity generation data.

SSE Business Energy recognises that businesses are looking to engage with suppliers who are transparent and offer more tailored products and services that meet their sustainability needs. With this in mind, we’ve worked closely with Carbon Clear, CDP Accredited Provider and trusted supplier of carbon energy management and sustainability services, to independently verify and assure our renewably sourced electricity products. By having third party verifications and assurances, we can remove the administrative burden from businesses wanting to claim reduced Scope 2 carbon emissions by providing evidence directly to the auditors.

SSE Green, for example, is 100% renewable electricity fully backed by Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origins (REGOs), certifying that the electricity has been generated exclusively through a portfolio of wind and hydro assets*. In addition to SSE Green, we can provide REGO+ which isalso 100% REGO backed and relates to energy matched to specific generation assets for enhanced reporting.

Credible information helps build trust and this is important to SSE as we look to the future. If you’re looking at Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), we’ve developed an option which can be integrated with supply contracts. It features the direct output from specific SSE generation assets with associated REGOs.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above, then call us today and find out how you could benefit from our products. You can also visit our updated page on Standard Fuel Mix, by clicking here.

 * backed by a ‘Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin’ where consumption used is matched to an equivalent volume generated by our wind and hydro assets then exported to the National Grid.


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