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How transparent pricing is helping our customers control their bills

Posted by Louise Innes on 09/04/19 10:09

Non-commodity costs (NCCs) are making up an ever-growing proportion of business energy costs, and now account for more than 50% of electricity and nearly 40% of gas bills for business customers. Since their introduction in 2010, they’ve been rising steadily and by 2020, they could comprise around 60% of customers’ electricity bills. As a result, we believe it’s become more important than ever that customers understand what proportion of each element contributes to the total billable price.

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Why every hour should be an earth hour

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 29/03/19 08:59

Earth Hour 2019

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SSE’s Triad Warning service predicted all three Triad periods for 2018-19

Posted by Oliver McMillen on 27/03/19 16:56

Yesterday, 26 March 2019, National Grid confirmed the Triad periods for 2018-19 and SSE Business Energy is pleased to confirm that we accurately predicted each of the three peaks through our Triad Warning service.

The Triad season falls during the winter months, from the start of November to the end of February. The Triads are the three half hour periods of highest demand in Great Britain during this colder, darker time of year, and must be at least 10 days apart.

For businesses, consuming electricity during a Triad period is very expensive and it’s therefore important to try to avoid the three peak half hours. SSE Business Energy helps businesses avoid these times by offering a Triad Warning service which draws on the knowledge and expertise of weather forecasters and energy demand specialists.

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SECR: What it means for businesses and how it will help improve energy efficiency

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 22/03/19 10:17

A new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework comes into effect from 1 April 2019, replacing the existing Carbon Reduction Commitment energy efficiency scheme. As part of the scheme, companies will need to report their UK energy use from electricity, gas and transport, and scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis. In addition, these companies will have to report their intensity ratio, which is a measure of the energy inefficiency within a company.

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SSE adopts new sustainability objectives

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 21/03/19 14:09

UN sustainability goals - imageSSE has set stretching new targets for 2030 in a bid to tackle climate change and support global goals for sustainable development.

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For the many not the few - how data is helping our customers manage their energy

Posted by Nicola Wadham on 20/03/19 11:44

At SSE Business Energy, I’m responsible for running and developing the data and digital services that support the delivery of our energy supply services to businesses operating in the UK. As part of this role, I’m regularly invited to take part in conferences.  

I most recently participated in a panel discussion on data and innovation. This was organised by Everywoman – an international network set up 20 years ago to advance women in business – to mark International Women’s Day. SSE Business Energy has a long-running partnership with Everywoman and this supports our inclusion and diversity agenda.

The discussion was on “Dataversity – holistic approach to value creation of data”, and boasted an all-female panel of Sue Daly, Head of Big Data, Cloud and Mobile Services at techUK, Emma Kendrew, AI and Intelligent Automation Lead at Accenture, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Founder of Ness Labs and Holly Armitage, Head of Data Services at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. We talked through the critical need for an organisation embarking on the data journey to value collaboration if we are to realise the value of data. Another priority was the need to have data ethics as a core competence in the organisation to manage the risks and benefits of Artificial Intelligence tools.

This matters because SSE Business Energy has stewardship of your data in order to provide the services that matter to you. And we need your consent if we’re to do this effectively. Recent advances in technology allow us to do so much more and I am an enthusiastic advocate of providing those insights. My own experience of the digitisation of business is so positive – unlike my millennial colleagues, I know what it felt like to have had only monthly updates on my bank balance by mail. Could I exist today without online and mobile banking services? No way! Did I know I needed this back in the day? I’m not so sure.

My challenge is to support our engagement with you, our customers, to create an informed, consent-led relationship where we can provide insights and information to help you manage your energy consumption. Traditionally, energy has been a ‘silent’ commodity service; in other words, our role has been to keep things working seamlessly in the background rather than playing a more visible role in the lives of our customers.

That era is gone – we are all engaging in actively managing our energy consumption to help the elimination of waste. SSE Business Energy is currently working on building greater insights to serve our customers with some technology investments. As a passionate advocate of the power of data, I am delighted about this. It’s data for the many, not the few.

I will keep you updated on our progress. 


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Last few places remaining for ELCC

Posted by Rob Silvester on 18/03/19 08:38

The Energy Live Consultancy Conference (ELCC) returns to Manchester this Thursday, 21 March 2019 and SSE Business Energy is delighted to be sponsoring the conference for another year.

The full-day event sees TPIs, consultants and brokers come together to learn more about the big issues facing the energy sector. And whether that’s helping businesses find the right energy product, or understanding the impact of new technologies on the way we manage our energy and how customers can harness data to reap the benefits of energy, we’ve got some exciting events planned for you.

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Six easy ways to improve your energy efficiency

Posted by Rob Silvester on 05/03/19 10:12
With the cost of energy rising and a greater appreciation among businesses and consumers of the need to be environmentally responsible, many firms are looking for ways to become more energy efficient. There are plenty of quick wins to help you easily and cost-effectively cut down your energy usage.
To mark World Energy Efficiency Day 2019, Eunice Mabey, Energy Optimisation Director at SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions gives us her top tips to help businesses reduce their energy wastage.
Switch off lights

“It may sound obvious, but the costs of keeping lights on when no one’s in the room can add up,” says Eunice. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep lights switched off when they’re not in use. So make sure you take ownership when you see a room or corridor that is unoccupied or has enough natural daylight and turn the lights off.”
Limit use of small power appliances

Another way to quickly cut down on energy usage is to pay attention to other electrical appliances.
“Turn off items like computers, printers, projectors and phone chargers at the end of each day”, advises Eunice. “Many people worry that switching these off could limit their productivity, as they can take time to warm up again. But this doesn’t need to be the case. If you switch these on first thing in the morning, they should be up and running in the time it takes for you to make a cup of tea.”

Adapt to weather contitions

We’ve recently been experiencing milder weather, so make sure you’re adapting to these conditions and adjusting your heating temperatures to suit. Similarly, it can be tempting to turn on the air-conditioning in summer months when temperatures soar, but Eunice recommends trying natural ventilation, such as opening a window, first.

“Opening windows and doors is far less energy intensive than an air-con unit,” she says. “You can also use internal or external shades to stop glare and excess heat on a sunny day. However, if you do decide to use the air-con, remember to close the windows – failing to do so can affect its ability to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and end up wasting energy.”
Cut down on water wastage
Water is a surprisingly expensive commodity and yet it’s often overlooked with electricity and gas tending to take centre stage. According to Eunice, there are simple steps you can take to make sure you’re not using more than you need to.
“If you spot a dripping tap, urinal or toilet, report it to your Facilities Manager as soon as you can,” she advises. “Failing to deal with these issues quickly can lead to issues further down the line – addressing it sooner rather than later can help avoid the need for more expensive fixes.”
Consider moving desks
It’s always a challenge to keep everyone at the right temperature in an office environment.
“See if swapping desks helps,” suggests Eunice. “Employees who prefer cooler temperatures might benefit from sitting closer to the air conditioning unit or window, while those who feel the cold might prefer to sit closer to the radiators. Also, don’t forget to dress for the weather – wear jumpers in the winter rather than ramping the heat up.”
Set up an Energy Champion group
When it comes to energy efficiency, your employees are your most valuable asset. Getting their support is crucial and to do this, you’ll need to engage with them. Eunice suggests putting in place a structure to help keep up momentum.
“You could set up an internal group to help cascade messages on energy efficiency and collate ideas from colleagues,” she says. “Or you could run competitions where you encourage your employees to create posters, for instance. Another idea is to create league tables, where a prize is given to the department or site that uses the least energy or comes up with the most effective energy efficiency solution. Tools like our online energy management platform, Clarity, let you create a league tabling report, so can help with this.
“And, on World Energy Efficiency Day, it’s worth remembering not to forget about existing initiatives that are in place to help you manage your energy usage,” Eunice adds. “Why not use days like this to celebrate the successes you’ve achieved so far on your energy efficiency journey?”
To learn more about energy efficiency, and for other energy saving ideas, please visit our website.
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Energy Live Consultancy Conference returns

Posted by Rob Silvester on 01/03/19 16:15

Energy Live News is back in Manchester for the Energy Live Consultancy Conference (ELCC) on 21 March 2019 and we’re excited to sponsor the event for the third year running. Around 200 brokers, consultants and TPIs will be gathering to learn more about what’s happening in the energy market. The conference will discuss the big issues facing brokers as we enter Brexit deal finalisation, offer informative sessions and the chance to listen to thought-provoking speakers.

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