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Weekly Industry Update - 05.06.17

Posted by SSE Business Energy - Weekly Update on 05/06/17 12:03

We’re keeping you informed about the latest political and energy market news. This week sees our first instalment of our regular Weekly Industry Update.

Headlines and top stories

  • Week in Energy
  • Business group sets out proposed energy market reforms
  • Networks need more innovation from businesses
  • SNP commit to backing renewables
  • Emissions cuts win backing from MEPs
  • Solar generation sets new record
  • Major change to gas settlement system comes into force
  • Oil producers maintain production cuts to support prices

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What a difference the real living wage makes

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 25/04/17 14:01

Fairness is difficult to argue with as a concept. The pursuit of fairness galvanises politicians across the spectrum and is a concept that resonates even with the smallest children. There are times when an idea captures the imagination of the majority, its simplicity encapsulating the notion of fairness perfectly. The real Living Wage of £8.45 does exactly that and has the support of over 780 employers in Scotland and 3,000+ throughout the UK.

Rachel McEwen, the Director of Sustainability for SSE and the chair of the Scottish Business Leadership group for the Living Wage, representing SSE is proud the initiative in Scotland celebrates its 3rd anniversary this April, after funding from the Scottish Government to employ staff. The leadership group also includes employers like Standard life and KPMG , as well as SMEs like Utopia Computers and Voca; the universities of Caledonia and Strathclyde; Dundee Council; and the Third Sector with SCVO and Young Scot.

Accredited Living Wage employers have helped nearly 25,000 people get a pay rise in Scotland.

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2017 General Election: Potential Impact on Energy Policy Decisions

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 20/04/17 13:46

This week the Prime Minister announced that a General Election has been called for 8th June 2017. Following that announcement the Government will enter a pre-election Purdah period, which restricts the activity of civil servants in the run-up to elections and referendums. The 2017 election Purdah is expected to start on 3rd May, which means from this time there won’t be any major Government (including from Ofgem and other public bodies) announcements until after the election. Furthermore Parliamentary summer recess will then commence on 20th July and run until 5th September.

Whilst the timing of policy decisions and announcements are never certain, overall our expectation is that for most major energy policies timings will not likely be impacted by the Purdah period.

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SSE ranked first place in customer league table

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 19/04/17 08:59

SSE has been ranked the number one non domestic energy provider at handling complaints from small business customers. The external recognition comes as a result of the Citizens Advice Bureau’s latest quarterly non domestic energy supplier performance league table*.

The league table was first published in September 2016, and SSE was ranked in second place at that time. The most recent report shows that we currently have a complaints ratio of 11.7 per 10,000 customers (or 0.117%) placing us first out of the fifteen largest energy suppliers included in the ranking.

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Latest Developments - UK Government Capacity Market

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 29/03/17 14:15

The Capacity Market is the Government’s main mechanism to ensure that the GB electricity system remains secure by ensuring sufficient reliable capacity is in place to meet demand. Here are the latest developments on the Transitional Arrangement Auction and the Capacity Market Consultation.

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Government lays regulations to implement EII exemption for CfDs

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 29/03/17 13:19

The regulation to implement the exemption for Energy Intensive Industries (EII) from the costs of the CfD have been laid in Parliament. EIIs will not be entitled to receive the exemption until the legislation have been approved by Parliament and entered into force (a date for this has not been confirmed). Alongside the regulations BEIS have published a draft guidance documents for EII applicants seeking an exemption from the CfD.

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Policy Changes - How will they affect you and your customers?

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 23/03/17 12:21

Kate Gillingham, Senior Policy Manager at SSE provides support on a range of Government policy areas to SSE’s Wholesale business.

Today, Kate Gillingham has been presenting at the Energy Live Consultancy Conference (ELCC), a specialist conference for energy brokers, talking about recent changes in UK Government energy policy and what impact this might have on our customer’s bills. Read the full presentation here

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Ofgem consults on Targeted Charging Review

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 15/03/17 13:42

As signalled by our blog in early March about charging arrangements for embedded generation, Ofgem have published a consultation on their Targeted Charging Review (TCR). 

Ofgem are consulting on reviewing and changing some of the charges that electricity transmission and distribution network users pay for using the network. In Ofgem’s view the current way the ‘residual’ charges are applied could lead to potentially detrimental differences in costs for different groups of consumers, and inefficient investment decisions resulting in increasing costs for consumers overall.
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Spring Budget 2017

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 08/03/17 16:10

This afternoon, the Chancellor presented the Government’s Spring Budget to Parliament. The Spring Budget is an update on the Government’s plans for the economy based on the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility and sets out the Government’s taxation and spending plans. This was the last Budget to take place in the Spring as Budgets will now be delivered annually in the autumn. The full Budget document can be read here.

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Capacity Market Transitional Arrangement Auction Parameters Confirmed

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 06/03/17 10:13
BEIS has published a letter from Jesse Norman MP (Minister for Energy and Industry) to National Grid, in their capacity as EMR/Capacity Market Delivery Body, confirming the auction parameters for the 2nd Transitional Arrangements Auction, scheduled to open on Wednesday 22nd March.
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