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Ofgem’s ‘minded-to’ decision on electricity transmission charging arrangements for Embedded Generators

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 06/03/17 10:09
Over the past year there has been increasing scrutiny of the revenue streams earned by embedded generation. Ofgem identified ‘TRIAD avoidance’ in particular as an area of concern that was causing distortions to the wholesale, capacity and ancillary service markets and therefore indicated at the end of last year their intention to undertake reform to TNUoS Demand Residual (TDR) charging arrangements.
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Beware of energy fraudsters

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 25/01/17 13:57

In recent weeks we have received an increasing number of calls from customers who have been contacted by individuals claiming to be from OFGEM or SSE.

The Fraudsters claiming to be from SSE are stating that our systems “are down” and are asking the customer if they can supply meter details and also information from their bill.

The Fraudsters claiming to be from OFGEM are stating that SSE have been suspended from selling  for 91 days due to overcharging. The Fraudsters then ask the customer for their bank details so that they can refund the value of overcharge.

SSE would not need to ask customers for their meter details or indeed any details from the bill. We have all of these.

OFGEM would not require details of individual customers bank details.

If it seems to be wrong, it probably is so end the call as soon as possible without passing out details of any kind.


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SSE ranked highly in new customer league table

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 25/01/17 13:54

SSE has been ranked as the second best energy provider at handling complaints from small business customers.

Citizens Advice has launched a brand new league table allowing millions of small business owners to compare how well energy suppliers are handling their complaints. The new rankings - which will be published quarterly - measure how effectively energy suppliers are dealing with complaints from small business customers across Great Britain. The production of this league table followed the charity’s established quarterly complaints league table for household energy customers - first launched in 2012.

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SSE sponsors edie Sustainability Leaders Forum and Awards

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 13/01/17 14:29

SSE Business Energy are sponsoring the edie Sustainability Leaders Forum and Awards on 25 and 26 January. This annual event, which takes place in London, aims to bring together like-minded professionals who want to move beyond environmental objectives and deliver transformational change within the area of sustainability.

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Capacity Market Auction Results

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 11/01/17 15:29

On 9th December the provisional results of the latest Capacity Market auction were announced. A total of 52.4GW of capacity was procured in the auction to provide security of electricity supply in 2020/21. The auction cleared at £22.50 kW / year (2015/16 Prices), which was lower than some forecasts but higher than the clearing price in the 2014 and 2015 auctions. Final confirmation of the results will be announced by the Government in the New Year. National Grid’s publication of the provisional results is available here

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Levy Control Framework (LCF)

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 11/01/17 15:28

Recently the Government published two reports on the LCF (the mechanism through which Government sets a cap on the forecast cost of certain policies funded through levies on energy bills). These reports covered:

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SSE is one step ahead in demonstrating fair tax credentials

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 11/01/17 15:28

SSE, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, has already demonstrated that it puts being open and honest about tax as a top priority, at a time when the tax credentials of big businesses are being increasingly scrutinised.

Not only are SSE committed to demonstrating their fair tax credentials, they are keen that sustainability policies span the full range of the businesses activities, primarily but not limited to from investing in renewable technologies and reducing carbon emissions, to being a Living Wage employer, across the supply chain.

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Autumn Statement

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 11/01/17 15:28

This afternoon the Chancellor presented the Government’s Autumn Statement to Parliament. The Autumn Statement is an update on the Government’s plans for the economy based on the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility and sets out the Government taxation and spending plans.

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SSE CEO Alistair Phillips-Davies to speak at Energy Live news conference

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 11/01/17 15:28

SSE’s Chief Executive, Alistair Phillips-Davies, will join senior energy leaders at this year’s Energy Live conference.

The event, on 3rd November will see industry figures discussing how they will be “Powering through Brexit,” and what exiting the EU may mean for the energy industry.

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The importance of carbon pricing in the UK's efforts to decarbonise cost-effectively

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 11/01/17 15:27

On Monday this week the Financial Times ran a story entitled: “UK climate pledge faces stiff test amid carbon tax drive”. The article highlights a letter which SSE, along with others in the energy industry, sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, ahead of the Autumn Statement.

The letter’s signatories – who own and operate coal, gas and renewable electricity generation – believe putting a price on carbon emissions, through the UK’s Carbon Price Floor, is a critical part of the UK’s energy policy. We believe it is one of the most important policy tools the government has to help industry continue to deliver reliable and lower carbon electricity cost-effectively.

Read our blog response from our Head of Wholesale Policy, Pavel Miller highlighting our view on the impacts and benefits of the Carbon Price Floor, including likely improvements to competition in the electricity markets and risk reduction for investors.

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