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The case for energy optimisation has never been stronger

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 30/11/17 11:08

Author: Kevin Greenhorn, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions

It’s an exciting time for businesses and for the energy market. There’s a momentum of change happening across businesses of all sizes and it’s fascinating to watch. The conversation is that energy should no longer be seen as just an outgoing cost; it’s an asset and opportunity. The direction of opinion seems to be that forward-thinking businesses increasingly understand that energy is a revenue generating asset that benefits the whole organisation – both in how it functions and how it is perceived. At SSE, we strongly believe in this too.

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Energy intensive industries exempt from the cost of Contracts for Difference

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 16/11/17 08:13

Energy intensive industries to be exempted from the cost of Contracts for Difference; the compensation schemes for the Renewables Obligation and Feed in Tariff remain in place until legislation is amended to introduce exemptions.

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Plans agreed for new GB household energy company

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 08/11/17 09:08

You may have seen this morning’s announcement that SSE has entered into an agreement with npower to combine SSE’s household energy supply and services business in GB with npower’s household and business energy supply in GB.

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SSE Business Energy: X Energy

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 24/10/17 14:31

Amber McEwen, Head of Marketing at SSE Business Energy, talks about X Energy 2017.

Today, I’m at the X-Energy event in London meeting with energy and sustainability professionals from across the UK discussing the intersection of energy and technology.

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SSE Business Energy: The greatest disruption facing big businesses today

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 10/10/17 10:49

Amber McEwen, Head of Marketing at SSE Business Energy, talks about the disruption facing large businesses – and it isn’t the 'Uberisation' of traditional industries.

Last week I was up in Scotland meeting with Alan Young, SSE’s Managing Director of Corporate Affairs, discussing what the greatest disruption facing big businesses today is. Maybe surprisingly we do not think it is simply the 'Uberisation' of traditional industries.

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SSE Business Energy: Fair Tax and Living Wage

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 28/09/17 08:36

Amber McEwen, Head of Marketing at SSE Business Energy, talks about how we are working with the Fair Tax Mark and Living Wage foundations to bring the Better Business programme to a wider audience:

A few years ago, I was talking to a marketing agency about the SSE Business Energy brand and what direction we should be taking. They said something that I completely disagreed with then, and still do now; that we should steer clear from sustainability as it was ‘old news’.

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Topics: Fair-tax, Living Wage, Green, Better Business

SSE Business Energy: Our Better Business Programme

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 26/09/17 09:28

Amber McEwen, Head of Marketing at SSE Business Energy talks about the Better Business programme, and the benefits it can bring businesses:

One of the things that drew me to work for SSE Business Energy a few years ago was the fact that SSE prides itself on being a responsible company, and works hard to do the right thing. SSE has been Fair Tax accredited for three consecutive years and has been a Living Wage accredited employer in the UK since 2013. 

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Topics: Fair-tax, Green, Better Business

SSE issues biggest ever green bond by UK company

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 31/08/17 10:08

SSE has reaffirmed its commitment to tackling climate change by issuing the biggest ever green bond by a UK company.

The €600m bond is the first of its kind issued by a UK headquartered energy company and supports not only the development of an active UK market in environmentally-friendly capital market products but, perhaps most importantly shows a strong commitment towards the environment and future generations.  

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What a difference the real living wage makes

Posted by SSE Business Energy on 25/04/17 14:01

Fairness is difficult to argue with as a concept. The pursuit of fairness galvanises politicians across the spectrum and is a concept that resonates even with the smallest children. There are times when an idea captures the imagination of the majority, its simplicity encapsulating the notion of fairness perfectly. The real Living Wage of £8.45 does exactly that and has the support of over 780 employers in Scotland and 3,000+ throughout the UK.

Rachel McEwen, the Director of Sustainability for SSE and the chair of the Scottish Business Leadership group for the Living Wage, representing SSE is proud the initiative in Scotland celebrates its 3rd anniversary this April, after funding from the Scottish Government to employ staff. The leadership group also includes employers like Standard life and KPMG , as well as SMEs like Utopia Computers and Voca; the universities of Caledonia and Strathclyde; Dundee Council; and the Third Sector with SCVO and Young Scot.

Accredited Living Wage employers have helped nearly 25,000 people get a pay rise in Scotland.

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